Blast Liner for 3-9rl's (available)

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  • Product Code: Blast Liner for 3-9rl
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 320.00€ +vat

Blast Liner for 3-9rls,

Special streamlined machine frame design made to look aerodynamic, comfortable and simple in use without any unnecessary parts.

This machine will be indispensable partner in Your daily work.


  • CNC cut Ductile Iron frame;
  • Black textured powder coat frame frame finish;
  • Black zinc plated iron coil cores, armbar, screws and washers;
  • Blackened Brass Antique Style Binders;
  • Custom contact screw with pure Silver contact point;
  • Original Lithuanian Irons springs;
  • 1", 8 wrap coils;
  • Runs fast ~150Hz on 5.5Volts unloaded with a good stable hit;
  • Pushing 3 – 9rls;
  • Great for one pass lines;
  • Lightweight: ~180 grams / 6.3oz;
  • Check the video of Chameleon Color in our Instagram, press this link