Sunshine Traditional Style Shader / Color Packer (available)

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  • Product Code: Sunshine Shader - Traditional Style Shader / Color Packer
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  • 320.00€ +vat

Sunshine - Traditional Style Shader / Color Packer​ for 5-25 needle groupings.

A few words about birth of this model:

"Sunshine Shader" was created as a brother for traditional "Moonlight Liner". These two machines are collaboration projects of Lithuanian Irons and a really great traditional tattoo artist, known as "Aivaras Ly". We met with "Aivaras Ly" at June of 2015 and started talking about machines, their design, their work. He told us that Traditional tattoo artists always need a really good and strong liner for big needle groupings. So we made the "Moonlight Liner". A lot artists are using it for everyday work and are very happy with it. It is perfect for bold one pass lines and pushing 9-18rl's with ease. One year later: We decided to make a brother and now it comes as traditional, strong Shader/Color packer named "Sunshine Shader". Designed by "Aivaras Ly", built and tuned by Lithuanian Irons. This machine has specially designed non standart coils, armbar and some other parts. These changes proves its work.

We are very proud to announce this great machine today.
And want You all to see the short video: "Aivaras Ly" working with SUNSHINE SHADER.

Machine Frame Designed by Aivaras Ly. Built and tuned by Lithuanian Irons.
This machine is comfortable and simple in use, without any unnecessary parts. It will be an indispensable partner in Your daily work.


  • Special Traditional frame design;
  • 3 piece brazed Iron frame with spring shelf support;
  • Special Textured Matt Black powder coat frame finish;
  • Blackened Brass Antique Style Binders;
  • Silicon Bronze Contact Screw;
  • New Spring and O-ring setup, the front spring has a gap between the rear spring, O-ring is placed in that gap and works as a noice absorber only, without loosing machine power;
  • Original Lithuanian Irons springs (package includes aditional spare spring set and O-ring);
  • Specially designed 1.16" (29mm) height, 10 wrap coils, for long everyday sessions without machine heat and power loss;
  • Slow speed with a long 6-7mm stroke and hard hit: 85-95Hz on 7.0Volts unloaded;
  • Big working Votage range from 5,0 up to 9,0Volts, depending on needle groupings, grips and artist working style;
  • Pushing 5-25 needle groupings;
  • Tuned to put more ink in a one hit, that means faster tattooing, lower skin damage and great result.
  • This machine is perfect for everything: Smooth Shading, Whip Shading and Solid Color Packing, simply change the voltage to make it running softer or harder.
  • The Weight of Sunshine Shader is designed to be a bit bigger than standard machines, that way it absorbs a part of vibration and makes tattooing much easier for long sessions;
  • Specially designed medium hight frame (when putting the grip in, machine bottom frame part falls on the wrist, that way the artist don't have to hold the whole weight in his fingers); 
  • Weight: ~235 grams / 8.3oz.