Blast Liner 5-14lr Blast Liner 5-14lr Blast Liner 5-14lr

Blast Liner 5-14lr

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€320.00 +VAT

Blast Liner for 3-9rl:

  • CNC cut iron frame;
  • 1", 8 wrap coils;
  • Custom, silicon bronze contact screw with pure silver contact point;
  • Textured Matte Black powder coat frame finish;
  • Vintage style pure brass binders;
  • Perfect for 5-14rl one pass line work;
  • Fast, steady hit;
  • Runs: ~140Hz on 5,5 Volts unloaded
  • Best voltage range: 4,5-6,5 Volts;
  • Weight: 178g. / 6,3o.z.

Technical specifications:

Frame: CNC cut iron
Input voltage: 4.5 – 6.5 V DC
Weight: 178g./ 6,3 o.z.
Machine speed/hits per second: ~140Hz on 5,5 Volts unloaded
Recommended needle groupings: 5-14 rl
Power connection: Clip Cord
Needle type: Standard premade needles