Cyber (black)

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CYBER - Wireless Smart-Pen technology by Lithuanian Irons 

Smart wireless Pen-Style tattoo machine for use with needle cartridges. It features a maintenance-free mechanism which offers solid hit with minimum vibration and low noise.

Package includes: CYBER machine, 2pcs. of rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion batteries (model 18500) and USB battery charger.

Operating time per one battery charge: 4-6 hours (depending on working process).

Machine frame parts are made from solid rods of high grade aluminium, then anodised.

The CYBER has a built-in color display to show information and make it easier for the user to control the device.

Users can fully configure this pen to their preference by using features such as digital hit softness, customisable voltage and softness memory presets, changeable screen color and style, screen brightness, sleep mode and button sound control.

Machine is equipped with 4,0mm needle stroke cam, together with our Custom Brushless Faulhaber Motor makes the Cyber a very versatile machine with strong but soft enough hit, that ensures lowest skin damage but fast work flow results on any types of skin.

Smart Digital Softness: a feature that allows to control the machine motor power response to the skin’s resistance and make it softer if needed. By choosing between 10 levels, user can adjust the sensitivity. Special software automatically calculates cartridge membrane hardness and adjusts the softness parameter to the best value in selected mode.

Memory presets: The Cyber has a feature to automatically save user’s voltage and digital softness as 1 of 4 presets: A , B , C or D. 

Timer: machine has 2 different timer modes (total and run).

Screen color: 14 different screen color presets.

Screen style: 7 different screen style presets.

Sleep modes and automatic machine shutdown when not in use.

For more information read - CYBER user manual

Dimension, D x L 33mm x 125mm
Weight (with battery) 190g (with battery)
Operating voltage 5.0 - 9.5 Volts
Needle stitches/second  55-135
Needle stroke length 4.0mm
Needle depth adjustment  4.0mm
Power intake 3W
Needle type  Cartridge needles
Drive Brushless DC motor 
Operating time per one battery charge 4-6 hours (depending on working process)
Operating mode  Continuous operation 
Battery designation  NCR18500A
Rated battery voltage 3.7 V 
Battery type  Lithium-ion 
Battery dimensions D x L 18.15mm x 49.36mm
Rated capacity value  1900 mAh 
Charging method  CC-CV
Charging voltage  4.2 V
Battery weight  33.5g max.
Charger input voltage DC 5.0V 2.1A
Charger constant current 0.5A x 2 / 1A x 2
Charger Cut-Off Voltage 4.2 ± 0.05V
Charger Cut-Off Current < 120mA
Operating Temperature +10°C to +35°C / +50°F to +95°F