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The "AirSwitch" is touchless device that serves to replace the usual footswitch with a high technology object proximity sensing device.

It contains 2 front sensors and 1 gesture sensor for switching operation modes  with a wave of the hand.

"AirSwitch" detects machine location or hands gesture and can turn on/off the machine automatically.

Artist no longer need to push a footswitch or any power supply buttons anymore. This device will make tattooing process more comfortable and intuitive.

Just put the machine on the table in the “AirSwitch “sensing area and it will turn the machine off. Take the machine away again and it will turn it on in 1 second.

There is also an option to turn on/off the machine manually, simply wave above the top gesture sensor and “AirSwitch” will turn on/off the machine.

A porous base is installed on the bottom of the aluminum body to prevent slip and a magnet for secure installation on a metal surface.

Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies. Connects to the footswitch socket of the power supply. Connection cord is included.

Technical specifications:

Front sensors sensing area distance: up to 12-13cm
Top gesture sensor sensing area distance: up to 7cm
Power consumption: 1w input / voltage 5v
The maximum switched output voltage: 30V DC
The maximum switched output current: 5A