LI Footswitch G2

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LI Footswitch G2:

  • Special Easy Press System, don't needs any power to press the footswitch, just put your foot on it;
  • 360 degree contact area, it means that You can press the footswitch from any side;
  • Manufactured using High Quality Materials;
  • Upper Pressure Part Made of pure Brass with CNC cut LI logo and antique Brass Style finish;
  • Derlin base with Brass Contact Ring;
  • Natural Shammy-Leather non slip Base cover
  • High quality Brass + Brass Contact, ensures perfect work;
  • Clipcord connection (fits all standart clipcords);
  • Footswitch diameter: 8.0 cm / 3.15 inch;
  • Weight ~ 320gr. / 11.3 oz.;
  • Lifetime warranty

​*Clipcord is not included.